Pendaftaran Malam Keakraban 2015 “One Night Stand”

Halo teman-teman Balikpapan yang berdomisili di Yogyakarta!
Good news for all of you!

Keluarga Pelajar & Mahasiswa Balikpapan (KPMB) Yogyakarta proudly present:

One Night Stand 2015
Joglo Jindogo Parangtritis
19-20th December 2015
Monochrome Theme
PopArch & The FAUX as guest star!!
IDR Only 85k (include t-shirt, foods & accomodation)

How to registrate:
1. Click ->
2. Fill the form and click submit.
3. Payment:
Sekretariat KPMB YK jl.Wachid Hasyim No.17 & 19 Widoro Baru, Depok, Sleman
→Bank Mandiri Transfer


Come to KPMB YK Head Office and fill the form.

Find your new family in here. Here we are together as one, Balikpapan!

For more information, kindly ask:
Doni (LINE ID: donnciel)
Mutia (LINE ID: mutiaputria)



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